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Read between the lines

Don’t you try to read between the lines !
With that thick fedora of yours
Crowning your skull,
And thicker lenses
Clouding your vision.
A stranger in your own world
The king of misfits
Are you trying to know me?
Then know that I will not be easily known.
The likes of me stay concealed,
Awaiting those with more welcoming minds.
I’m not for you, who are crammed with ideals,
And wear judgement hats of all kinds.
But if you are one of those kindred spirits,
And me is who you seek,
Then perhaps I will come
In that trance-like stupor
Where reality segues into the unreal
When your eyes close softly
Of their own accord,
I may pay you a visit
In that dreamy world,
You might then know me

Till then, let the night take over.

So, this is the second time my dear little brother has served as my muse and led me to write gibberish. That hat of his sure has some tricks up its sleeve! 

Aashisha Chakraborty

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