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It’s Your Day

*This year, on mom’s birthday, I was not at my creative best. But a birthday is always special and so, I somehow bunched up a few lines for her. It’s your day, mom :)*

A scarcely blinking light

Throws into shadow 
Your face otherwise lit
By a thousand deeds of the days past.
The shadow lifts at dawn, 
Slow and sure,
But unreckoning, unseeming,
Unknowing of the varied selves
And the number of lives you lead within it.
The dawn breaks 
Like an orange peeled open,
Its juices pouring forth.
The light. The light leaking,
Leaking out in bits and spurts.
And finally shaping into a halo around your head. 
The morning sees you worship it, 
You with your ever open arms,
Your tired and expectant hands.  
With a prayer on your lips.
A prayer for the old and the new.
The old folks and the new times.
It’s a new dawn. 
A new day.
Your day.

Aashisha Chakraborty

2 thoughts on “It’s Your Day

  1. I really liked your expressions and the way you have said your heart out in this piece is impeccable.. I could feel the soul in it and whenever posts are related to mothers, they are always amazing..keep up the good work..:)

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