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The Moon and The Star

I have always been enamored by the elements of the universe. The stars, the moon, the planets… I wondered a lot about writing a children’s rhyme about it. But then, rhyme is not really my thing, it turns out. So, here goes something, that I think is kind of my thing…

It was like someone had given the moon a voice in addition to craters.
She had started spewing nonsense stuff about how she wanted to look like the star,
how the starโ€™s craters and wounds were better than her own,
how the star was luckier than her just because she could shoot.
She could shoot because she was that kind of a star.
The shooting kind.
The kind of star that could actually afford to scoot closer to him.
To the love of her life.

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Even though she was badly battered, broken and bruised, she was getting nearer to him with each passing moment.
The moon wished on the star because she knew that the shooting kind of star could grant wishes.
The moon wished for eternal love.
She wished for the kind of love that would last.
The price of love was life.
So, the star shot to the earth.
And died in the arms of her love.
Whereas she, the ill-fated moon, stayed immobile and stationary.
As she was fated to stay forever.
Handicapped by the cruel forces of gravity.
Destined to stay away.
At that exact distance.
Pulling his seas towards her every now and then,
but never really coming closer.
The price of eternity was love.

Aashisha Chakraborty

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