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Aashisha { Antediluvian Author | Obsessive Reader | Thirsty Traveler | Accidental MBA}


Upcoming book by Rupa Publications : Miss-adventures of a Salesgirl

Some people call me a scarecrow, probably because I can scare the hell out of them with my dreadlocks (which sadly no longer exist).

But others prefer to ignore me as I sit in a corner daydreaming or typing away. You see, I thrive on a diet of sentiments and dream about meeting Rumi in the fields beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing.

I am fond of jumping guns and have explored various genres by writing for the Readomania book of erotica, romance, historical fiction, mythology and crime. A winner of Times of India Write India Season 2 for Shobhaa De and among the top 6 for both Manu Joseph and Twinkle Khanna, my short stories have been published in various Readomania anthologies like ‘Defiant Dreams’, ‘Mock Stalk and Quarrel’ and ‘Twilight’s Children’ and in e-books by Women’s Web and InsideIIM.

My articles also saw the light of day in The Hindu while I used to freelance for websites like Being Cyrus. I was one of the winners of Kaafiya, the Delhi Poetry Festival, back in 2016.

I currently work as a zonal sales manager in Bharti Airtel and hold an MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi. A computer engineer from Jamia Millia Islamia, I have had about two years of experience as a software engineer.

If you have more seconds to while away, you can also hear me jibber jabber here.


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