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Mis(s)-Adventures of a SalesGirl

Life is young and rosy at 25. Or is it?

Ask twenty-five-year old Ena who is uprooted from Delhi and sent to Chennai to work as a sales intern and does not know Tamil to boot. Add to it the fiercely competitive and heavily male-dominated territory of sales with no place for a city-bred sophisticated girl and you get a heady cocktail of events that promises to take you on a roller-coaster ride.

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My blood has less haemoglobin and more words. I respectfully offer you some of my blood here.


About the author

Aashisha Chakraborty hails from a world of marshmallow moons, candy clouds and lemony lakes. She thrives on a diet of sentiments and dreams about meeting Rumi in the fields beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing.

Aashisha is fond of exploring genres and has written for the Readomania book of erotica, romance, historical fiction, mythology and crime. She is the winner of Times of India Write India Season 2 for Shobhaa De and among the top 6 for both Manu Joseph and Twinkle Khanna. Her short stories have been published in various Readomania anthologies like ‘Defiant Dreams’, ‘Mock Stalk and Quarrel’ and ‘Twilight’s Children’ and in e-books by Women’s Web and InsideIIM. Her articles have appeared in The Hindu. Her poems have also been selected in Kaafiya, the Delhi Poetry Festival. 

Most know her as a program manager at Airtel or an MBA from IIFT, Delhi or even an erstwhile computer engineer but she identifies herself better as a devotee of literature and art. Her debut novel by Rupa Publications is due to be published soon. 

She has a galaxy in her eyes and a universe in her mind. Of course, she makes a mess of everything, but then she makes it right from the heart. The heart is where she is.

Madhouse, IIFT

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